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Help on PC font installation

Begin downloading the font you require by left clicking on the font graphic of choice, a "save file" screen will then pop up. Select the folder into which you want to save the zipped file. Remember this location as you will require it when you come to extract the font from the zip file.

How to extract the fonts from zip files

This tutorial will only work if you are using Windows ME, 2003 or XP.

If you are using Windows 95, 98 or 2000 you will need to use 3rd party software to extract the zip files. A very good example I would recommend is: StuffIt For Windows
Follow the directions below to extract fonts from zip files using the built in Windows zip file support.

Right mouse click on a font zip file and select the Extract All... menu option as shown in the image below:

Extract all menu

You will now be shown a screen similar to the one below:

Extraction Wizard

To continue press the Next button.

At the next screen, as shown below, enter the path where you want files to be extracted to. You can either enter the location manually or you can use the browse button to find the directory you wish to use. In the image below we are extracting the files in the zip file to the directory D:\myfontfiles. If that directory does not exist, it will be created.

Extraction Wizard Destination

After you type in the location you wish the files to be extracted to, press the Next button.

The files will now be extracted and you are presented with a screen similar to the one below asking if you would like to open the folder you extracted the files to.

Extraction Wizard Complete

If you want to see the extracted files, leave the checkmark in place, otherwise uncheck the box labeled Show extracted files. Then press the finish button. Your new font files can now be found in the directory you have specified and you can begin to use them.

Destination Folder

Installing fonts into Windows

You now need to copy your new font to the windows fonts folder. To do this, right click on your new font.

Copy Font

On the drop down menu click copy.

Now go to the Windows desktop.

Click on the start button in the lower left hand corner of your desktop.

Start Button

The menu that appears, click on the control panel selection.

When the control panel opens, right click on the fonts folder.

Control Panel

On the mini menu, click paste. Your new font will now be copied into the windows fonts folder.

Your new fonts are now installed and ready to be used by all available software applications that use fonts.

NOTE: If you try to install a font which is already installed, you will be presented with a warning window telling you that you cannot install the font unless you first un-install it.

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